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Welcome to BruchholzBandit Guitars. My name is Felix and I build every guitar entirely by hand in my small workshop in Neuenstein/Germany. The latest creations originated from my pen are the "Soyala" and the "Indian Chief". Both models could be a solid guitar or semi hollow body. 

Selcted materials as wood, hardware, pickups... will be combined with craftmanship and an good eye for optics, to your custom Bruchholzbandit guitar. Handcrafted in Germany.


Let me build the instrument you dream about!

Be creative!
- wood
- colour
- hardware
- relic
and more

Standing out from the crowd isn't all that easy these days. BruchholzBandit Guitars focuses on combining unique design with individual wishes. Within the scope of feasibility you can decide about wood, color and hardware. Maple, Korina, Mahogany, Rosewood, Plum, Pear, Walnut, Iroko, Black Limba, Ash, Swamp Ash and Oak. We will be happy to discuss the ideal wood combinations and their characteristics during a phone call or a personal meeting.

Furthermore, the BruchholzBandit has a wide range of different nitrocellulose lacquers. Whether tinted, burst or opaque lacquered, a natural oil finish is also possible or a whole Relic Job.

Why should I think about a BruchholzBandit Guitar?

are you thinking about getting a new guitar? Would you like something more individual? Handmade, selected woods, unique look? Then you are right here!

The Idea

let's talk about your idea. You are looking for something very special. We can discuss wood, hardware, pickups and varnish. Also design, glue or weight. Everything can be a decisive point for you, which makes your BruchholzBandit guitar, your dream guitar. 

The Tonewood

Many of my woods I have collected together for years. Among them are old domestic woods, such as walnut, pear, plum and oak, but also exotic woods, such as old mahogany, limba and kambala. If you are looking for specific woods or unique wood grains, I can send you my tonewood sources. 

Hardware & Pickups

I have been playing in more or less successful bands for over 15 years and have owned and modified a lot of guitars. What effect does bell brass have on sustain, what aluminum. How does a vintage amp react to hot pickups. Alnico V, Alnico IV, Alnico II or ceramic magnets. Single coils or humbuckers. Do they have to be locking machine heads? Tune O Matic bridges or Wraparound, Hardtail, Tremolo, Bigsby and Co. All a question of feasibility and sense. 


Yes, a guitar needs a finish, of course. I prefer nitrocellulose lacquer because it works well and, if desired, ages great artificially. Likewise, a guitar can be sealed with Tru Oil. The wood remains open-pored and gets a silky sheen. A Tru Oil finish is maintained similarly to a Nitro finish and does not necessarily need to be renewed soon. Transparent or opaque finish, metallic or burst, wood look with gold hardware, all a matter of personal taste. 

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